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There is nothing on earth more important than for a person to know their Creator, to experience a restored relationship with Him, and to be assured of an eternity with Him after they take their last breath.

Our desire and passion is to love and serve more people more effectively, and to share the love of God and the urgent message of eternal life with them. It's a crucial task and time is running out!

Currently, we are needing financial assistance to obtain our own audio-visual equipment in order to run more seminars in more locations, to do more outreach, run youth events, and equip more people to make a difference in the world.

Besides running seminars, we also have the GRAVIT8 Media Centre which needs your support. We would like to add finishing touches to the centre. These include dinosaur fossils, flood artifacts and educational posters. There's also running costs to keep the centre going and updated with the latest media. I would also like to offer a small monthly gift to Bezer Ministries as a thank you for the use of their office.

Finally, we are wanting to get more involved in on-the-ground evangelism and other similar practical initiatives that are making a difference. Your support would help us purchase more tracts, booklets and DVD's to distribute during these initiatives.

As you have probably figured out by now, your support can make such a big difference and we would hugely appreciate the support. If you are able to donate towards, or sponsor, any of the items in the needs list below, please get in touch with me!

Support can be provided in three ways:

  1. Cash donations can be delivered to 129 Harare Drive, Northwood, Harare.

  2. Money can be sent via EcoCash to 0772 573 507.

  3. If you prefer to give anonymously, money can be deposited into the account provided below.

Thank you!!

Financial Needs
2017 GRAVIT8 Media Centre Extension
Centre extension - construction, materials and labour $3,600
sound system
TOTAL $3,600
GRAVIT8 Media Centre Orders
Current media & decor orders $3,900
Advertising and signage $1,200
Future media orders $1,400
TOTAL $6,500
Account Details
Account name J. J. Nel
Account number 9140003023582
Bank name Stanbic Bank
Branch name Borrowdale
Branch code 003104
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