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What is GRAVIT8?

GRAVIT8 is a Christian media centre located at 129 Harare Drive, Northwood, Harare, Zimbabwe, where DVD's and books can be rented by donation. GRAVIT8 is also the launch pad for future courses and evangelistic outreach initiatives.


Did you know... most scientific evidence today actually supports the Bible and the Creation account as described in Genesis, and disproves the Darwinian theory of Evolution and the idea of millions of years. But despite this fact, the secular media continue to push evolution and millions of years, and censor any information that contradicts it. People are only ever told one side of the story!

A basic example of this can be seen in the following 5 rarely told facts about dinosaurs...

  1. Dinosaur drawings, paintings, carvings, and engravings are found all over the world, left behind by different civilizations that must have lived alongside them. Most cultures knew them as dragons.

  2. Dinosaur fossils are often found in the same locations as reptile, mammal, bird, and plant fossils - fossils that look essentially the same as those alive today - meaning no evolution has taken place.

  3. Dinosaur fossils are found in sedimentary layers which strongly indicates that they were preserved by rapid burial in sediment laid down by massive amounts of water. A global flood is the best explanation.

  4. Dinosaur fossils have been discovered that contain soft tissue inside including blood vessels, blood cells, complex proteins and even delicate DNA. This evidence shows that dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago but just thousands of years ago.

  5. Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible - such as the Behemoth described in the book of Job!

An even bigger problem today is seen in the brainwashing of our children through deliberate misinformation designed to indoctrinate them in the religions of naturalism and secular humanism; the foundations of atheistic faith. Every day our youth are exposed to these false philosophies through kids’ story books, at school, in college, at university, in magazines, through TV documentaries, or in movies. The sad result is that many of our young people, raised in Christian homes, abandon the Truth and leave the church by the time they reach college age.

For this reason, I've been inspired to start a media centre that offers some of the latest and best media available to address the various questions facing people today, and to give solid answers to a world that is searching for truth. The media will cover a variety of topics ranging from scientific investigation to end-times theology. The primary focus will be on subjects such as creation, evolution, astronomy, biology, geology, archaeology, philosophy, apologetics, evangelism, and the supernatural. Other topics will include teen relationships, marriage, and eschatology.

The media offered will include DVD's, books, magazines, training material for churches, educational material for schools, evangelistic tools and much more. These will be sourced from organisations in the U.S., Australia and South Africa such as CMI, AiG, ICR, Living Waters, Creation Today and others.

What's the purpose?

It’s my opinion that much of the Church has lost its effectiveness in reaching the world with the Truth of the Gospel because many of the Christians within the Church have become complacent and no longer actively share their faith. I think this has happened for three main reasons:

  1. Undeveloped - This is new converts or false converts that are not growing and struggle with their own faith.

  2. Unmotivated - Worldliness and compromise have caused Christians to become lukewarm and careless.

  3. Unarmed - Many simply don't have the knowledge or tools they need to put their faith into action.

Many Christians are shallow in their own faith and simply feel out-numbered and “out-gunned” by those in the world. As a result, rather than risk losing the challenge, they avoid the battle altogether. Many do not realize that they can not only take on the battle, but they can win it. All they need is to be equipped with accurate information and empowered with the right tools. They need to be developed, motivated and armed.

What's the plan?

I have renovated an outside office on our property and converted it into a modern media centre. The centre offers an interesting and engaging environment where people can rent media; a bit like a video club. While other Christian bookshops tend to offer "spiritual food", I am wanting to provide practical tools and powerful "weapons" for solidifying the Christians worldview and enabling Christians to share that Truth more effectively.

For non-believers, it will be an attractive and casual environment where they can ask questions and be challenged with the evidence for God, Creation, the Bible, and Christianity. For believers, it will be an encouraging and empowering facility where they can be informed and armed with effective resources to impact the world around them. I am hoping to put "weapons of mass construction" in the hands of every believer so that they can confidently join the battle and become passionate soul-winners for Christ.

Are you interested? Then join us! A basic membership is required and all media is available for rent on a donation basis. Donations help me to: provide the latest media, develop the centre, and enable other evangelistic efforts.

Suggested donations:
Membership Fee - $20
Media Rent Fee - $1 per day

How can you help?

Get involved - Take advantage of the media centre to empower yourself and your family with accurate information and faith-affirming facts. Use the available media in your home groups, youth groups, Sunday school, home schools, or invite skeptic friends over to watch a DVD with you. There is so much you can do to make a real difference in the world around you, with little effort, but with eternal results!

Support us - We really need your financial help. The centre needs more development, more media needs to be purchased, and we would like to get more involved in practical evangelism. We are also looking at running several brilliant courses including a scientific series and an evangelism training series, with possibly more in the pipeline. We would like to purchase our own audio/visual equipment to be independent when running these courses. This would also enable us to do various other outreaches into the community and facilitate other gatherings such as youth meetings etc. I would also like to offer a small monthly gift to Bezer Ministries as a thank you for the use of their office. So any donations or sponsors would be hugely appreciated! Click here to see the needs...

Team up - Any creative ideas and suggestions for the centre and media are most welcome. If you have skills or resources that you believe can improve the centre, increase our effectiveness, or extend our reach, please feel free to team up with us. The more people involved the greater the impact we can make. It's time for the church to get out of their comfort zones and take Christ's command - to go into all the world - more seriously.

Prayer - Your prayers are important and always needed. The devil doesn't mind Christians that keep to themselves. But when a Christian begins to take on the world and actively spread Truth, it's amazing how quickly opposition builds from all sides.


God doesn't have fans, we are all players, so get in the game. Jesus is coming soon and we have a job to get done!

For those who would like to support this vision and sponsor media, development, or outreach, please get in touch with me or check out the Needs page here.

To become a member and rent media, please see details on the contact page. With hundreds of books and DVD's to choose from there's something for everyone. Get equipped today!

The ultimate goal is for people to know God their Creator, accept His gift of eternal life, and make Him famous. The world is running out of time!

Thank you!


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